Boarding and Grooming ​​

In Need of a New Home

Currently, at P'etcetera we are boarding 2 very special boys that are in need of a new home to call their own. Unfortunately, their owner is going through some very debilitating medical procedures and will no longer be able to give them the love and attention they are so accustomed to. We know that all our friends and clients take excellent care of their pets, so we are reaching out to you to help. Whether you are thinking about adopting them or may know someone who would give them a great home with lots of love, please don't hesitate to come meet them and see just how great they both are! These boys mean a lot to us  and we very much want them to have a new family. We've seen first hand how wonderful they are with small children, even meeting them for the very first time. They are young dogs with gentle souls and deserve to live a full life with a family who loves them. As they have grown up together, we are not willing to separate them. When you see how they interact with and depend on one another, you will understand why. 
Feel free to stop by anytime to meet them. They love company and welcome all the attention you can give! Please help us find a new home for them. 
Thank You!


Zeus is an American Staffordshire Terrier. He is black and white in color and just turned 2 in August. He had an accident at a very young age that broke both of his front ankles. They have since healed and give him his signature "bow-legged" stance. Zeus is all about having a human companion. He is very calm and would just prefer to sit next to you all day doing nothing. However, when children are around he is all about being the center of attention. He loves their wild attention and games! 


Kratos is an American Staffordshire Terrier. He has a blue coat with white markings and will turn 2 in February. Kratos is the baby of the two boys. He is playfull 24/7 and will compete for your attention. Like Zeus, he is also great with children! He is high energy and up for anything! He will get very timid if he thinks you are upset with him, almost like asking your forgiveness. There isn't a mean bone in either of them. Both are lovers who's only desire is to be loved.